Friday, April 3, 2009

Another appointment

On Tuesday we went to the doctor again for our monthly check-up but somehow either myself or the receptionist wrote the date wrong.  Oops.  Luckily I was able to see the nurse practitioner instead which, especially at this point in the pregnancy, is just as good as seeing my doctor because she's really nice and super helpful.  

The appointment was just the same as the others:  pee in the cup, blood pressure, weight, find the heartbeat, measure the tummy, take the blood pressure again because it was high the first time and make another appointment.  I know, you're wondering about the high blood pressure.  It's really not that high, I think I just get myself stressed trying to get out of school on time and then making sure I get back on time.  I'm dumb for scheduling things after school on days I have appointments (this time it was officer interviews) but I don't really have much of a choice.  The doctor isn't worried so I'm not either.

Emery is moving a lot more lately which is exciting and helps me actually feel just how real it all is.  The kicks and punches are still light and not at all uncomfortable.  This afternoon Logan was laying on my stomach and Emery was having a good time kicking him.  They're going to be good friends!  My sister-in-law told us to put a glass of cold water on my stomach to really get her moving.  We'll give it a try!  

I'm off to Destination Maternity now to get a t-shirt or polo to wear to HPU Fest tomorrow that will actually cover my belly completely.  All of my cute shirts fit everywhere, they're just a little short in the front.  I look like one of those large guys that has the bottom of his stomach hanging out of his shirts.  Ew.  I was sad about having to wear maternity clothes and saying goodbye to zippers and buttons on my pants for a while, but now they're a necessity.  Thank goodness for Destination Maternity.  I'm off!

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